A Hobbiton™ Adventure


I’ve only viewed one of the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy but our overseas guests always rave about visiting Hobbiton™ which is just a 30-minute drive from Cambridge.

We recently decided a visit to the 506 hectares of movie set and working farm was well overdue. And we weren’t disappointed.

It’s a magical world. Not a house in sight — just colourful round doorways to 44 Hobbit Holes. In summer more than 3000 tourists a day meander the walkways but due to admirable organization the Shire never appears crowded.

Our guide Heather explains that each year the staff compete in teams to grow the largest pumpkin. The heaviest to date weighed in at over 105kilograms. “It’s a good thing we all love pumpkin soup,” she laughs.

At the Green Dragon Inn — a faithful reproduction of the inn featured in the movies — one can stop for a complimentary beverage and/or enjoy a meal. Hobbits are hungry people but our lavish lunch would more than satisfy the most ravenous guest. Salmon, baked ham, sauces, salads, rye bread, bowls of mixed roasted vegetables followed by apple and cherry crumble — all for just four average-sized adults. I thought that if the Hobbits ate like this every day they should have been the size of All Black forwards.